WiP: Secret Life of a Spook

IMG_0081This is my current WiP. Not my lovely cat, but as it doesn’t yet have a cover, I thought it would be better than no picture.

My autobiography, The Secret Life of a Spook is now in the final edit stage.

Some quotes:

On Spying:

I was an excellent candidate for this intrusive undercover work. I had long hair, dressed a bit unconventionally and I was already the author of two very successful fringe books on the paranormal and UFOs. So I was readily accepted in circles where I already had connections and knowledge. I never wrote up anything other than the simple facts; I had been schooled in that by my publishers at Granada who had a doctrine of, “The facts, the facts and nothing but the facts”


On 9/11:

One of the engines from the impact fell on a parked taxi cab two blocks away. It was not an engine from the aircraft it was supposed to be and that original aircraft has been seen in service by a flight engineer since the disaster. As for the passengers, one plane was seen offloading them into a remote hanger on the same day as the event. God knows what happened to them

On exciting times:

Out of the corner of my eye I detected a brief glint of red laser light in the far woods. I hit the deck. The bullet passed inches away past my ear. From behind the protection of the rampart wall of the terrace I let off a couple of rounds into the air just to indicate that one was prepared to return fire if necessary. I had no intention of taking on whoever was out there and I could not see them anyway. I was alone in the villa and assistance was not to hand so if you cannot win a battle don’t even consider engaging the enemy.

The Secret Life of a Spook should be published in paperback and all ebook formats in autumn 2016

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