Elite ready to risk major conflict to keep power – Obama warned


24th Sept. 2016 FLASH – HEADS UP –

Obama was contacted last night by certain informed sources and Officially WARNED – he remained defensive and obtuse. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

The controlling ‘elite’ are now so aware that the house of cards is falling and so desperate, they are prepared to risk a major international confrontation to try to hang on to power and come out the other side still in control. Certain myths need to be exploded. The so called ‘Secret Space Program’ will not save the day for America for reasons I am not allowed to divulge, but have no faith in that.

Russia is now in a very high DEFENSIVE alert state. The US would appear to be moving men and materials looking to make a major move towards the latter part of October 2016. This is for a variety of reasons and ill conceived models based more on the logic. that if the current admin leave it to beyond the administration of the current incumbent, Obama, they will not be able to make their move.

Be aware the United States and NATO preparedness for a global conflict with Russia and China is not up to speed and will fail. Some say that Obama, being the Manchurian Candidate, plans for it to fail.

Hence also be aware that following the long standing orders of Peter Pace, military Commanders in the US may not feel inclined to follow orders which could lead to the destruction of The United States as we now know it, by members of the West Wing who are traitors to that once great country we know as the USA. The plans of the dark side are now far advanced.

Only grass roots measured massed civil disobedience, not rioting, can stop this perhaps. Plans are under way to destroy the Western Alliance not from Russia but from within the Western Alliance politicians and dynasties who fear their demise.

They plan a new period akin to the ‘French Revolution’ but not to the benefit of the people by the people but by the elites with reliance on their space stations, deep bunkers and military toys, most of which can be disabled not only by advanced Russian Electromagnetic systems but also by Off World forces who can run rings round this junk. Be aware, and this is not a Drill, things are getting VERY SERIOUS and there are many players at the gaming table; all with different agendas, not least the Off World Guardians who have already demonstrated their ability to interdict over the years before.

This is an Authorised statement from the Solar Overlord Observers.


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