Interview with Project Camelot

My interview with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy in which we explore many issues from Antarctica to my new book

I was delighted to recently have a long interview with Kerry Lynn Cassidy of Project Camelot, who was visiting from the US.
Kerry is extremely professional and incredibly knowledgeable. It was so lovely to have such a wide-ranging discussion with someone whose work I admire very much. She is such a courageous, courteous and tenacious lady and I pass on my thanks for her time and for keeping me on focus, as I am prone to reminisce! That’s what happens when you’re my age and with so many interesting experiences, it’s easy to get side-tracked – not deliberate, I can assure you!
We discussed so many things, including my new book, Secret Life of a Spook, Crop Circles, Antarctica, the Nordics and Trump.
Kerry edited the long, detailed interview into two hour-long segments and both are on her website at Project Camelot as well as on YouTube, below.

During her trip to the UK, Kerry also interviewed experiencer, Simon Parkes and another former spy, Michael Shrimpton, who, like myself, has been attacked by the very same masters he served, by bringing trumped-up (no pun intended) charges against him, as they sought to ‘shut him down’.

However Michael, like me, is an old fox and although they succeeded in throwing him in jail (I got off lightly in comparison) he has come back determined to clear his name.  Do take a look at these videos as well; they are very enlightening!


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