Video message for August 2017

A new video message from PP for August 2017!


In this video for August 2017, I talk about the upcoming eclipse, North Korea, the continued contamination from Fukushima, and how I believe we are at a ‘transitional stage’ where people have the opportunity to grow and make progress with their own karma.

I also touch on my own cosmic contacts, the group of extra-terrestrials with whom I have been in contact for most of my life, and why ETs/Extra-Dimensionals cannot always intervene in dire situations (such as when they switched off nuclear missiles as I discuss in my latest book).

During this wide ranging talk I also discuss why succumbing to fear is the biggest weapon used against us of them all.

And finally… what am I doing hefting a 20kg kettle ball around?

Please share far and wide!



2 thoughts on “Video message for August 2017”

  1. Thank you so much for this Peter. Someone on Project Avalon had posted it up and I Listened to it earlier today, thank you for all the information.

    Simon Parkes mentioned an interesting point in his radio show with Jay Pee on I think 23rd July about the eclipse. The cabal has a plan, during the eclipse period (through its black magicians and while the lights are out) to annexe certain of Earth’s libraries (these are energetic libraries rather than 3D) for the purposes of cutting the human population off further from its connections both with the Earth and with Creator Source, to enable it to garner greater control.

    Liz Morton


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