A marvellous evening with Erik Von Daniken

At the weekend, I attended a fantastic event for the 50th anniversary of the publication of Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods.

The Legacy Night at BAFTA Princes Anne Theatre was a huge success and also live-streamed arounf the world. It’s also now available as video on demand.

I went with my old friend, Laurence Vincent LaRouche and we had a marvellous time, especially at the VIP reception as these photos below, attest, meeting Von Daniken himself and Ancient Aliens supremo, Giorgio Tsoukalos.

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New Video: ETs, Earth Changes and how to stay safe

Just a heads up that the second part of my recent video interview is up. It’s on my videos page but for now, it’s also below for your convenience.

The second part of my video interview is here. In it, I talk about the influence of ETs/UTs over the years to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, such as their interference recently with the Space X that blew up on the take-off pad and more historical happenings.

I also talk about Earth changes in the form of natural disasters that can bring many deaths and property destruction and the best places to live to avoid them.

Peter Paget: Message for October 2016

On my new videos section, I’ve just published a message for October about the current situation facing the world.

There are updates on Syria, Hurricane Matthew and why the leaders of the world should be aware that they aren’t actually in charge.

The group of ETs with whom I am in constant contact have a message for world governments.

You can hear it in my October 2016 Message video, that’s also embedded below. Also, why not subscribe to my new YouTube Channel?

Elite ready to risk major conflict to keep power – Obama warned


24th Sept. 2016 FLASH – HEADS UP –

Obama was contacted last night by certain informed sources and Officially WARNED – he remained defensive and obtuse. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

The controlling ‘elite’ are now so aware that the house of cards is falling and so desperate, they are prepared to risk a major international confrontation to try to hang on to power and come out the other side still in control. Certain myths need to be exploded. The so called ‘Secret Space Program’ will not save the day for America for reasons I am not allowed to divulge, but have no faith in that.

Russia is now in a very high DEFENSIVE alert state. The US would appear to be moving men and materials looking to make a major move towards the latter part of October 2016. This is for a variety of reasons and ill conceived models based more on the logic. that if the current admin leave it to beyond the administration of the current incumbent, Obama, they will not be able to make their move.

Be aware the United States and NATO preparedness for a global conflict with Russia and China is not up to speed and will fail. Some say that Obama, being the Manchurian Candidate, plans for it to fail.

Hence also be aware that following the long standing orders of Peter Pace, military Commanders in the US may not feel inclined to follow orders which could lead to the destruction of The United States as we now know it, by members of the West Wing who are traitors to that once great country we know as the USA. The plans of the dark side are now far advanced.

Only grass roots measured massed civil disobedience, not rioting, can stop this perhaps. Plans are under way to destroy the Western Alliance not from Russia but from within the Western Alliance politicians and dynasties who fear their demise.

They plan a new period akin to the ‘French Revolution’ but not to the benefit of the people by the people but by the elites with reliance on their space stations, deep bunkers and military toys, most of which can be disabled not only by advanced Russian Electromagnetic systems but also by Off World forces who can run rings round this junk. Be aware, and this is not a Drill, things are getting VERY SERIOUS and there are many players at the gaming table; all with different agendas, not least the Off World Guardians who have already demonstrated their ability to interdict over the years before.

This is an Authorised statement from the Solar Overlord Observers.

Are some US government elements preparing for a new civil war?



Looking at all the data over the past two years it would appear that some governmental elements are preparing for a new 1861 American civil war.

Consider the mass purchase of ammo and weapons for EVERY government agency, the militarisation of the police, the stocking of larger numbers of 4 person plastic coffins with lids, the unconfirmed purchase of perhaps 30,000 guillotines, the conversion of warehouse premises to FEMA (concentration) camps, the training of troops in home urban warfare and exercises for that, the signing of executive orders for confiscation of resources and draconian control of US society, curfews etc, the practice of city lock downs, the staging of false flag social engineering and the total control of media to spread consistent but false lies, propaganda.

Does all this smack of NAZI Germany in the 1930’s to say nothing of the moves to confiscate citizens weapons and the destruction of the Constitution? The deliberate importation of dissidents and illegal aliens and the bringing of all controls into the White House, removing experience military commanders and replacing them with ‘Yes men’.

Against which one has to consider the spirit of the American people, the land of the free, or as it once was. The question is in the coming elections, any which way, there are going to be a lot of dissatisfied peopled potentially civil unrest if deception is suspected or the elections are rigged or delayed, may be deliberately to kick it all off, reduce the population and try to bring in an Orwellian State in the name of “Peace Keeping,” perhaps involving UN Forces.

Is all this paranoia or the mad plans of mentally ill psychopaths, who think they might pull it off, while starting, if they can some overseas conflict to justify their internal coup d’état even deeper than 9/11. This coupled with a potential financial ‘reset’ the devaluation of the US Petro $ and you have a very serious set of reasons to be on your guard.

Believe nothing the MSM tells you. Research the real facts. The oligarchs are getting pretty desperate in their moves and not so concerned with covering them up. Blaming it all on some overseas power is unlikely to stick this time so more dramatic US internal measures should be expected.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Examine your comfort zone now.


Will The October Surprise Be More Shocking Than Everyone Expects – Episode 1081

2012 is 2016, an update and a warning to people in coastal Florida

img_2511People, Friends I am going to repeat a warning given by NASA to its employees some while ago.

If you reside by the American coasts, move inland, get higher. I used to live in Florida once, 11 feet above sea level and I was 30 miles inland. This is not good. I trust I may be wrong, I hope I may be wrong but Florida was a swamp before they drained it. It could return to being largely a swamp with sea level rises of 6 feet over the next two years. The evidence is all there before you.


Make the decisions now while you can, not when the highway is jammed with traffic running away. Note the film 2012. This year 2016 and early 2017 is 2012 as foretold. I fear for your safety.

On the political front if you choose to elect this poor soul Hillary (I am not without compassion), then that is your karma, but you need someone who sees beyond their own personal gain or ego and legal defence management. The World is heading into very troubled waters.

Insiders like myself see December 2016 as critical not least from the turmoil of the American post elections period, but also more importantly from natural events that are coming upon you all and which I want you to be very aware cannot be ignored by the safety of your denial or day to day comfort zone.

I may not be able to issue more precise warnings at the ‘last moments’ as they (who are they?) are already starting to interfere with my communications and when the Pacific disasters happened, they did not warn the people at all, “for fear of public panic”, quote, unquote.

You have been lulled into a sense of false security by so many false alarms, people crying “Wolf”, Hey! Look! 2012 never happened, see you were all wrong! No, it didn’t happen because that year was in fact 2008. The Popes screwed up the calendars because they forgot the quarter days of the years, which is why they are out by four years.


There will not be a WORLD WAR III, just regional wars again. Putin only has to wait. You do not enter a theatre of war to win, you endure, you wait and allow the enemy to lose. I know; I was not an Advisor for half a century not to know the rules of the great game.

Sincerely, Peter Paget _ As they say – Public Domain, Ends.

See my new books, and these pages. Ask questions, test everything, believe nothing, try thinking for yourself.

WiP: Secret Life of a Spook

IMG_0081This is my current WiP. Not my lovely cat, but as it doesn’t yet have a cover, I thought it would be better than no picture.

My autobiography, The Secret Life of a Spook is now in the final edit stage.

Some quotes:

On Spying:

I was an excellent candidate for this intrusive undercover work. I had long hair, dressed a bit unconventionally and I was already the author of two very successful fringe books on the paranormal and UFOs. So I was readily accepted in circles where I already had connections and knowledge. I never wrote up anything other than the simple facts; I had been schooled in that by my publishers at Granada who had a doctrine of, “The facts, the facts and nothing but the facts”


On 9/11:

One of the engines from the impact fell on a parked taxi cab two blocks away. It was not an engine from the aircraft it was supposed to be and that original aircraft has been seen in service by a flight engineer since the disaster. As for the passengers, one plane was seen offloading them into a remote hanger on the same day as the event. God knows what happened to them

On exciting times:

Out of the corner of my eye I detected a brief glint of red laser light in the far woods. I hit the deck. The bullet passed inches away past my ear. From behind the protection of the rampart wall of the terrace I let off a couple of rounds into the air just to indicate that one was prepared to return fire if necessary. I had no intention of taking on whoever was out there and I could not see them anyway. I was alone in the villa and assistance was not to hand so if you cannot win a battle don’t even consider engaging the enemy.

The Secret Life of a Spook should be published in paperback and all ebook formats in autumn 2016

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