The Welsh Triangle

Welsh Triangle

The Welsh Triangle, published 1979, reprinted five times until 1989. (original version)

Click here for the newly updated and revised version, The Welsh Triangle, Revisited 

Startling evidence from the first-hand witnesses of the great Welsh UFO mystery!

When frequent sightings of UFO activity were recorded along a secluded portion if the Welsh coast, author, Peter Paget, decided to investigate.

What he found was alarming evidence for the existence of an alien base beneath the rocky verge of the Atlantic, the frightening possibility of extra-terrestrial life beneath the sea – and an official cover-up which has serious implications for the future.

  • Are Clandestine tunnelling operations being worked under the Atlantic ocean?
  • Why are giant alien spacemen so interested in surveying Anglo-American bases?
  • Did the two clone-like men who tried to contact the UFO witnesses, come from outer space?
  • Astonishing evidence that extra-terrestrial astronauts are living under the sea!

The great UFO cover-up – Here are the facts they tried to silence.

The Welsh Triangle was translated into French and Spanish and serialised in Paris Match magazine.

This book will be republished as an ebook aimed for 2017.

Granada Publishing

ISBN: 0 586 04911 8

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